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Our history

In recent years, new needs and trends have emerged in tourism demand, due to a great growth in rural tourism.
The characteristics that attract visitors are: the activities. 

  1.  Agricultural and livestock, in this case the  beekeeping.

  2. Cultural heritage because the location of Tierra y Amor is only 5 minutes from Atotonilco, a World Heritage Site.

  3. A Natural areas and spaces that we have created with the nature of the zona 
    the beekeeping operation  has great interest in the defense and propagation of the honey-producing bee thanks to its pollination, which is currently in danger in the world, among which they constitute a human-sized habitat, land and love contains the ingredients essential for the practice of recreational activities that have as a final result the enjoyment of new experiences for visitors. 

And he space is identified with the natural landscape, freedom and contemplation of the earth and the sky. In this project, agrotourism activities can be carried out on the ranch for its natural future, surrounded by mesquite trees, 7,000 fruit trees that grow apples, quinces, apricots, plums, pear trees, pomegranates, tejocote, among others, and a special flower plantation for feeding the the bees: rosebushes, margaritones, labanda and the flower of the mizmo mesquite and areas of reeds native to this area  knowing the repercussion that this place could have on society.

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